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    Holiday - Vacation - Summer ... way Siofok?

    • - because Siófok is the capital of the summer time and the Lake Balaton.
    • - because Siófok is the second well-known hungarian city in abroad after Budapest.
    • - because Siófok gives place for a wide range of great hotels and hospitality.
    • - because in Siófok not only the young have a great time, but also families and seniors.
    • - because in Siófok the hospitality is a tradition
    • - because the Balaton Fish Soup tastes supremely in Siófok.
    • - because the famous Pike-perch fish of Balaton „Balatoni Fogas” is the best in Siófok.
    • - because in Siófok there is no end of places to have a lot of fun: Palace, Flört, Renagade, La Siesta, Coke Club, La Favola,
    • - because the word-famous operett author Imre Kálmán was born in Siófok.
    • - because the quests of Siófok are attracted by many-many parties and programs: Sió Chanel, Eggs Fiesta. Stefánia Fiesta
    • - because you can find the biggest port of the Lake Balaton in Siófok.
    • - because Siófok has its own airport, at the moment only for small airplanes.
    • - because in Siófok you can find one of the best installed hospitals of Hungary.
    • - because the Dialysis Center is located in Siófok for the neighbourhood and for tourists.
    • - because the Kodolányi János Tourism Colleque can be found in Siófok.
    • - because Siófok and its area are cleaned from the mosquitos in the whole summer :)
    • - because you can find the most popular plage of Hungary: the Coke Club.
    • - because the public places of Siófok are well-kept and clean in the whole year.
    • - because Siófok is a small town during the year and a metropolis in the summer.
    • - because your money is worth more in Siófok.
    • - because no-one is bored in Siófok.
    • - because anyone can relax in Siófok
    • - because the nights are the hottest in Siófok

    Have a bath in drinking water in the Lake Balaton in Siofok!